Window Film vs Window Tinting

Window Film vs Window Tinting
April 9, 2019 Admin
window film vs window tint

Many people often refer to window tinting and window film as the same thing but they are in fact two different products.

Window tinting involves actually changing the shade or colour of the windows by applying a tinted window film to the existing glass where as window film is the clear, primary layer within a window tint product which can be used as a stand alone solution.

Window Tinting

Window tinting can reduce the natural light coming into a space, which can be beneficial in a commercial setting where glare or privacy is a concern.

The degree of tint applied to the film and whether the tint is reflective or not will decide the amount of light that will be able to pass through and into our rooms.

Many business owners choose this type of window tint solution to regulate room temperatures and give their employees a more comfortable work place.  By doing so, they also save on their HVAC operating costs and are provided with additional earthquake safety – 24 hours a day.


Window Film

Non-reflective window films are by far the preferred choice for homes and businesses now.

Our most popular selling window film product is a medium-grade, non-reflective window film.  This product is virtually clear but reduces over 50% of the sun glare and solar heat gain.

Even clear window films have benefits.  They will eliminate 99% of damaging UV rays.

Window films can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 60%  and offer an ROI of about 3 years.

Frosted and decorative window films are designed to completely transform ordinary glass into works of art or privacy panels.


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