Victoria Window Tinting

Victoria Window Tinting
June 5, 2019 Admin
Solar Window Film

Victoria’s Trusted Choice for Window Tinting


Every piece of glass can use some sort of window film or tinting solution.  Window tinting is very common throughout Victoria in both the residential and commercial markets.  Tinting regular, clear glass will reduce the amount of sun glare and solar heat gain a room will experience.  Window films also eliminate 99.9% of the UV rays which along with the solar reduction can dramatically reduce fading.

Specifically designed for Low E and Dual Pane windows, our products will save you money and increase the comfort of your home or business.  Tinting your windows doesn’t mean mirroring them anymore either.  Non-reflective, ceramic window films offer incredible solar energy reductions without hardly changing the look of the glass.  This makes these types of window films perfect for condos or strata environments.


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