Summer Heat Wave - Victoria Window Film

Summer Heat Wave – Victoria Glass Tinting
April 14, 2022 Admin

Summer heat wave


Installing a solar control window film to your windows and glass doors before this years summer heat wave is a very smart decision.

Tinting your existing glass with a solar control window film will reduce the total solar energy that enters your home and get you ahead of the heat.  Window films also reduce the sun glare and UV rays increasing your comfort year round, even during the cooler months.

Last years recording breaking temperatures already has our phone ringing with Victorians trying to get ahead of this years possible heat dome.  Don’t delay and call us today for your free glass tinting quotation.

Elderly adults, younger children and people with chronic illnesses are more at-risk of heat stroke.  Stay hydrated, drink lots of water and eat smaller portions of cool food during the next summer heat wave.

And, tint your windows – it works!!