Solar Window Films

Solar Window Film is Our Specialty


Prodigy Window Solutions is Victoria’s most trusted source for solar window film.

Whether you own a house, condo or business we have the right solar window film solution for you.

Our industry-leading ceramic solar window films offer peace of mind through superior performance.  They are specifically designed for all types of glass including Low E and double pane glass.

Solar window films are specifically designed to be installed on the interior surface of existing windows.  They enhance and even out perform today’s newest window technologies.  Standard residential product warranties include 25 years.

Our best selling solar window film solution is non-reflective.  A ceramic-based film which contains no metal making it extremely light in appearance.  This solar window film reduces solar heat gain and sun glare up to 85% plus the damaging UV rays by 99%.

Non-reflective solar window films are perfect for strata-living environments.  They are currently installed on hundreds of condos and townhouses throughout Greater Victoria.



Stop Closing Your Blinds


Do you have an incredible view but close your blinds when the sun comes out? Are you worried about the fading of your furniture and floors? Do you wish you could enjoy your view and keep your blinds open? Well, now you can and we can help you.

Our solar window film solutions will allow you to pull open your blinds during the day and allow you to enjoy your view by reducing the glare and solar heat transfer.



Reduce Energy Costs


The solar heat gain we experience in our homes comes from two sources, infrared light which we can feel and visible light which we can see.  We really want to focus on reducing the level of IR saturation and window tinting products can reduce up to 97% of IR rays.  This gives homeowners the ability to regulate room temperatures more effectively.

On sunny days, homes and businesses are bombarded by IR rays which cause room temperatures to dramatically increase.  By reducing the IR saturation, solar window films regulate room temperature and heat-loss making your home more enjoyable year-round.  They also increase your view by reducing the sun glare.  Not bad for a product that also protects you during an earthquake.








Solar window films reduce fading dramatically by eliminating 99% of the ultra violet light.  They also effectively reduce IR rays and visible light that contribute to fading.  If your home has no window tinting presently installed on the glass, all your possessions are being damaged by the sun.

If you have any area rugs in your home, go over to them right now and pull up a corner.  Look at the floor underneath and if there’s a visible difference you need window tinting on your windows.




Warranty Periods


Residential                                          25 years

Commercial                                        15 years

Exterior Installations                        10 years

Specialty Solutions                            Vary

All our solar window film products and installations include a written manufacturers warranty which protects against defects which include: Peeling, Delamination, Fading, Bubbling, Discolouration and Shrinkage.





Coloured Window Tinting


There are hundreds of different types of window tints and films to choose from.  If you have glass, we have the solution.

One type of window tint that can be utilized in incredibly imaginable ways is our coloured films.

These films offer 99% of UV rejection and reduce fading and solar heat. The reduction of glare varies from colour to colour.

This is a colourful way to completely transform a rather dull, boring curtain wall.






There are many different varieties and shades of solar window film that you can have installed on your home. Typically, our customers prefer to go with a 50% – 70% VLT non-reflective solution.

These grades of tint offer solar rejection qualities up to 65%, increased privacy and of course added earthquake protection without hardly even changing the look of your existing glass.



This picture is not a fair representation of how window tint would look on regular glass. Use this to get an idea of the different levels of VLT rejection only. Call us today for a free in-home consultation and have us put a sample up on your windows to really see how great it looks.







This picture clearly shows just how light our premium 35% VLT non-reflective window tint looks like once applied by one of our professional installers. You can see that the far-left panel of glass is the only window without tint applied to it. The middle and far right panels have our best-selling window tint solution already applied.

This solar window film is now protecting another Victoria family from shattering glass during an earthquake and protecting their furniture and hardwood floors from fading and cracking under the excessive heat this home produces.




Do You Own Waterfront Property? Perfect!

Waterfront homes

Medium-Grade, ceramic window tint solution – Cordova Bay


If you do, then you know how much glare bounces up off the water and into your home.  It’s so blinding that you’re forced to close your blinds just to cope and by doing this, you lose your beautiful view.  Now you don’t have to do that anymore because we have a cost-effective solution to this problem.

Over the years, we have installed our solar window films onto thousands of homes and businesses throughout Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island.

The staff at Prodigy Window Solutions have been in the window tinting industry since 1994 and we’re quite certain we have the largest installation portfolio on Vancouver Island.

Call us today for a free consultation to discover how solar window film will benefit you and let us add your job to our growing list of satisfied customers.



Will window film break the seals in my dual pane windows?

No, window film will not break the seals used in dual pane windows.  In fact, window film is specifically designed to be applied to single, dual pane and Low E window systems.