Reduce the Sun’s Heat

Reduce the Sun’s Heat
May 9, 2019 Admin
Reduce the Sun's Heat

Window films are a cost-effective solution that save people money and increase comfort levels after treatment.

For controlling solar energy from entering buildings and reducing HVAC operating costs, they’re simply the best solution.
The ROI on window film is about 3 years and they come with factory warranties up to 25 years.  Solar window films are very effective at reducing the amount of IR rays that penetrate glass.  This results in regulated room temperatures throughout the day which increase comfort and productivity in the home or workplace.
IR rays cause room temperatures to dramatically rise once the sun comes out.  From sunrise to sunset, they bombard our homes and businesses making environments at times, almost unbearable.  People close their blinds just to deal with the glare or heat and in doing so, lose any view to the outside world and shut themselves in, what a shame.
Investing in a premium window film will reduce sun glare and solar heat gain without hardly changing the look of glass by almost 65%.  Darker film choices are available and more effective at reducing solar energy.  UV rejection is at 99%.
Additional benefits include: added safety from breaking glass during a natural disaster, increased daytime privacy, view and energy efficiency of treated windows, increased security and finally, piece of mind that you know you’re protected 24/7 by laminated glass.
Window films can be applied to both the interior and exterior surfaces of glass. This includes double-pane and Low E window systems. 
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