Earthquake Safety Window Film I Victoria –

Earthquake Safety Window Film I Victoria –
February 9, 2016 Admin
Earthquake Safety Window Film

The Canadian Red Cross Society at 909 Fairfield Road in Victoria, B.C. contacted us to consult with them about their building. They asked us to assist them with increasing the comfort for their employees year round.  Reduce their HVAC costs and increase the level of protection during and after a seismic event.

They chose our reflective series seismic safety window film.  It’s very effective at increasing daytime privacy as well as adding a level of earthquake protection.  In the evening, when it starts to become dark, the film loses its ability to be as private and window coverings should be closed.

If you are concerned about your windows shattering during an earthquake or need to increase their overall solar performance, contact Prodigy Window Solutions to find out how we can assist you.  We’d love to add your job to our portfolio.