• VISOA - Window Films

    VISOA – Window Films

    VISOA – Window films are designed to be applied to existing windows.  They are a better and cheaper alternative to…

  • Seismic Safety Window Film

    Seismic Safety Window Film

      How Can I Protect Myself From Breaking Glass During An Earthquake?   Seismic safety window film is a cost-effective…

  • Safety Window Film

    Earthquake Safety Window Film

    Earthquake safety for windows is often overlooked but shouldn’t be. Earthquake safety window film offers piece of mind. Imagine being…

  • Uses For Window Film

    Uses For Window Film I Victoria

    There are so many practical ways to utilize the benefits of window film.  Window film and glass tinting products should…

  • Storefront Window Film

    Storefront Window Film I Victoria

    Recently, Prodigy Window Solutions was approached by the owners of Smoken Bones in Victoria to assist them with a solar…

  • Heritage Window Film

    Heritage I Museum Window Film

    Heritage Window Films are Perfect for Protecting Heritage Buildings in Victoria.   Heritage window films are commonly used in museums…

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