Prodigy Window Solutions is a Canadian company based in Victoria that sells and installs flat glass window films, glass tinting products, window graphics, and window coverings throughout Vancouver Island and British Columbia.


Window Films


Solar Window Films

Solar window films applied in either a residential or commercial market can help reduce heat, fading, and energy costs. LEARN MORE

Security Window Films

After applying safety window films to your windows, the amount of force that the glass can absorb is increased up to 6 times. LEARN MORE

Seismic Window Films

After applying a seismic window film to your window, the amount of force that the glass can absorb is increased up to 6 times. LEARN MORE

Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Protect your property with anti-graffiti window films and make graffiti clean up much easier. LEARN MORE

Glass Tinting

We specialize in the application of different types of solar glass tint for your home or business. LEARN MORE

Specialty Window Films

Whether with lines, graphics or lettering, specialty window films enhance the look of ordinary glass. LEARN MORE

Anchoring Systems

Anchoring systems are designed to hold glass together when it breaks on impact and act as a defensive shield. LEARN MORE

Window Graphics

Dress up those boring storefront windows. Turn them into your own advertising space. LEARN MORE

Window Coverings

When it comes to enhancing windows, we’ve got the right solution. Blinds, shades and more. LEARN MORE

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